In the surrounding area there is much to see and to do.
The Costa del Azahar contains 120km of sand beaches and small bays waiting to be explored.
The Costa is located between the beautiful Ebro Delta Nature Reservation to the North and the bustling city of Valencia to the South.

According to The World Health Organisation the coastline of Costa Del Azahar is one of the healthiest regions of Europe to live in. Do you want to get a little (or a LOT!) of culture, admire the natural beauty of Spain or have an active exciting holiday? It’s your choice!

Do you like to visit cities and villages bursting with personality and history?

Some examples: PENISCOLA – MORELLA – TARAGONA but also

PENISCOLA, the city of “Papa Luna” lies only 13km away from our B&B.

The village of Peniscola, built on a small peninsula jutting out of the coastline, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Spain!
During the crusades the Templers built a castle on Peniscolas highest point which is visible from miles around and can now be visited.
The anti-Pope Papa Luna (Benedictus XIII), chosen in 1394 in Avignon, lived in this castle for 10 years.
Walking along the castles fortifications you have magnificent view of the bay, the promenade of Peniscola, and the many seaside restaurants/bars with their terraces.

MORELLA was founded by Arabs

The castle, the old city walls, gates and towers enclose the old medieval centre of the city. In 1965 everything enclosed in the old city was deemed a historical landmark and must be protected and conserved according to Spanish law.
The landscape is impressive: ranging from fields full of flowers to rocky barren terrain, to vast rivers and forests full of pine trees, oak trees and juniper berries.

TARAGONA was originally founded by the Feniciers

This city houses a vast treasure trove of historical monuments: old Tarraco is part of the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
Amphitheatre of Tarraco (the old city of Tarragona), the Roman Circus, and the Roman Aquaduct, …

Experience Peter Buch´s sculpture garden.

Would you like to discover the beauty of nature?

Ebro Delta (30 min away)

The archipelago of the “Columbretes “, a group of islands of volcanic origin, are situated 35km from the coast. With an extremely rich seabed, they are protected under E.U law, and access is restricted so as to protect their natural ecosystem. During the summer boat trips can be booked in order to visit them.

The reservoir of Ulldecona

The reservoir of Ulldecona, which is only 40km away from Peniscola, is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes on which a significant colony of wild goats and a few bay vultures reside.

Nature park Sierra de Itra

One of the most beautiful landscapes surrounding Valencia is the nature park of Sierra de Itra and its sea nature reserve with typical Mediterranean flora and fauna and steep cliffs that slope down to the sea.

Do you like to exercise?

There is a golf course only 1O km away in Sant Jordi.


For those who like to dive the Columbretes is the place to go on the Costa del Azahar.
The Columbretes is a protected nature reserve which consists of a group of volcanic islands
They are protected because of their beauty and underwater flora and fauna, which you won’t find in any other part of the Mediterranean sea.
Diving courses are organised in a diving school in Alcossebre only 8km from Peniscola.
A diving licence is required.

There is a water park in Benicasim “Aquarama” and also one in Salou “Port Aventura”.

Cycling, walking, swimming, quad biking…..are all part of the many available activities!